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New Dogs, New Tricks

One Minute Silence

You've got 30 mins to clear the fuckin' area!
boom bang, shit flew, brains to, life removed, leaders unmoved
provo's proved, once again, the needs outweigh the few
the means outweigh the crew, one thousand pounds, laid by 2
black the scene, the gold, the white, the green
lowered the flag 4 a dream, but in some eyes a gleam
their ways extreme of the crop, but in this hour sour
5 felt the power of it, 1 a child of 6, fast i need a fix
change the channel please

CHORUS times 2
somebody's screamin' freedom
somebody's screamin' pride
somebody's screamin' never me i'm screamin' why

1 more, now 2, now 3, lone gun man takes revenge
3 more shot down 4 what, and here we go again, 4 what
4 pride, 4 freedom once denied, try
centuries of misery, now fucked is how it's best described
no more, no never again, but here we go again
provo's on the move again, PEOPLE GONNA LOSE AGAIN times 5

CHORUS times 2

who the fuck are you, who the fuck are you, comin' at me
pointin' your finger at me, check your history
here i go again, step the fuck back, nick nack paddy with thefacts
give a dog a bone, to the bone green
i'm the man on the mic with the plan

CHORUS times 2


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Composição: Brian Barry / Chris Ignatiou / Eddie Stratton / Glen Diani / One Minute Silence. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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