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True Love

One Voice

I never wanna fall in love again
Don't ever wanna feel that kind of pain again
Don't wanna see another love turn into a lie
Don't wanna see another tear fall from my eye
I know my heart wasn't made to be let down
It' s just not made for pain
You never really know until it's much too late
It's just enough to drive you insane

True love is not always the best thing
Not when your heart's at stake and the love you make
Gets thrown away
True love can start out right but then it falls apart
True love will always break your heart

I never knew that love could be so cruel
To make even the kindest heart play the fool
At first it makes you feel real good, it makes you feel fine
But it can really turn on you at the best and worst times
I never knew that love could hurt so much
Thought it would always be mine
I didn't know until it was much too late
And now I'm going out of my mind


Why does it have to be this way
(why did you have to go)
I feel like my heart has been betrayed
(you left me all alone)
You should've been the best thing that's happened to me
(you should've been the best thing)
But you played me like a fool
Why'd you have to be so cruel
Never wanna believe in you
(you played me)


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