Ancient cities lost in time
Nations of the grave
Banished to a crypt of freezing pain
Children of the seven seas
Beneath the heavens roam
Searching for a place to call a home
I wake up dying
Trapped in this hell
In search of finding
In death we are alone
Does the madman plead insane
Is there death that gives no pain
Blind aggression bring you fame
I just need a chance
To win
or lose
We play this dying game
To stand
And fight
And breakout from these chains
To maim
And kill
I drain you free of life
I live
You die
There's blood upon the ice
Distant echoes haunt the brain
The watching waiting men
Laughing for this torture never ends
Captive of the empty dreams
Screaming at the sky
Falling froze am i about to die
Death cloud - mask the sky
No way was i born to die
Mad, sad - am i insane
I won't submit to fame
Deaf blind - in search of light
C'mon we're gonna fight
Laugh, cry - the killing's done
It's time for blood to run
Frozen life to blind to see
A Kaleidoscope of time
Awakened by the anger in my mind
Welcome to this dying world
Where sleeping cities lie
The endless lights that fade and pass
me by

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