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The Birdman

Our Lady Peace

Hopelessly a man starts to feed your day
Once he was there you never looked back
How did you think that his words might just fade away
He seemed harmless enough so you let him in and now you'll pay

I can't see him but he's stalking my thoughts
How does it feel when you can't concentrate?
I just stare
All of your daydreams are a seesaw for him to play on

How does it feel when he calls your name
You can plug yoru ears but it's not the same
How does it feel when he pulls you back

Nobody's wrong, nobody's right, the Birdman wouldn't lie
Nobody's wrong, nobody's right, but I just can't trust himtonight

How do you forget a stranger that plagues your days
We arm ourselves when there's nothing to fear
Right? Wrong

How does it feel when he comes to pass, there's something there
But it's not quite right
How does it feel, does it make you mad?

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Composição: Arnold Lanni / Chris Eacrett / Mike Turner / Raine Maida. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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