Tommorow is a better day
Tommorow you will see the way
When god is by your side to stay
Just keep on movin dont you dare give up

There are times, in our lives,when we all feel inside
Somthings wrong theres gotta be somthing better for me
So we try on our own to change our paths
But we dont even realize that joy comes after the rain
Life begins again

There are times, times we can be swayed so easily
Doubt can come in my ind and im ready to give up this time
But i gotta keep goin on gotta keep on movin
Gotta keep on pressin it through
Cause i know my god is able ohh he's more than able
Its no thing to take care of you i say

He knows of everything you going through
Has enough love to take care of you
You know exactly what you need to do
So just keep on movin'

Special note: pray for our nation and troops
God bless

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