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Naked Sorority Girls


There was this girl I loved her so
She was a kappa beta theta phi sigma roe
I took her to Beale Street on a Saturday Night
I found the southern comfort seemed to do it just right
Then I took her on a carraige ride
And it started to rain so we went inside
I was hangin' out with the Peabody Dusk
Then she pulled out her room key and said Let's

Naked Sorority Girls
Those kinda women just rock my world
They power walk all day and drink all night
You know Daddy's Little Girl will always treat you right
Naked Sorority Girls
They're more fun to ride than a tiltawhirl
I don't know if this is how love should be
But when it comes to love its all Greek to me

Seen her walkin' down the road with a bow on her head
Hey baby what's your major?
Elementary Ed I don't need a degree I'm tryin' to find a man
Well who needs an education when you got a tan
She orders fat free food to keep her body hard
She's runnin' up the bill on Daddy's credit card
Ya know change on the BMW's my baby's biggest fear
She's been through five years of school
She's never once bought her own beer
She wears the sleevless shirts with the hiking boots
She's got the bleach blonde hair with the jet black roots
I see her all day but she's never in class
She's got a bottle of Ni and got her shakin her

Repeat Chorus

Tried to get her to come to a late night but she won't go
A couple of her sorority sisters said "Well, Jim you know
She's not that kinda girl she doesn't sleep around."
But it ain't immoral if its oral baby go on down.
And one took me for a ride in her mercedes benz
When up from the back popped a couple of friends
We took a quick drive to Sardis Lake
And in about a half an hour they all three got naked
Three naked sorority girls
Those kinda women just rock my world
You keep on powerwalkin all day you keep on drinkin all night
Because you and your sisters are sure outa sight
Naked sorority girls
They make my eyes roll back they make my big toes curl
I don't know if this is how love should be but when it comes to love its all Greek to me

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