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exibições de letras 521

I just can't understand and I don't know how anyone can
Cause with every passing day it gets worse in every way
It's time that we make a stand
I sit here and wonder why how many more people got to die
Before we're gonna learn how many got to burn
Until we all realize

See it everyday it never goes away
Never slowing always growing never going away
This is the day you'll see our way
We've had enough some things are gonna change
The future's bright people unite
Better believe you're in for a fight

Behind smiles and pageantry
Lies a vile and sadistic history
Insidious design deceitful and sublime
Feeding on misery

The world's got a bad disease
And I think I got a fucking remedy
A molotov cocktail freedom will prevail
A new world society
We're not gonna be ignored
Believe us this means war
Something you can trust
You shouldn't fuck with us
We're not gonna take it anymore

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