I've been kind of down today
Kind of like I can't quite make it
The pressure of a fast-track world
Is hard to handle now and then

I haven't got a lot to say
And I resolved that Iwon't take it anymore
I know tat somethin' good i movin' in me
That's when I feel the music
Soothe the savage beast
I hear the love, I find release

Turn up the radio
And sng a song of sympathy
Turn up the radio
Let freedom ring in harmony
I hear te healing go
To the secret place only God can know
Turn up the rado!
Turn up the Radio!

Don't you know Imake mistakes?
And I an surely feel forsaken
The pressure of a fast paced race
Hurts my already broken Heart

When the road is headeddown and out
And desire love's forgiveness
His Spirit calls my name again ad again
That's when I feel His music
Soothe the savage beast
I hear my Lord, I find His peace


Let a message of hope sink in
Feel a fire of life begin
Break out te chains
Singa sweet refrain


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