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Sample In A Jar


Its hidden far away
but someday i may tell
the tale of mental tangle when into your world i fell
without you now i'd wander soaking, secretly afriad
but in your grasp the fears dont last
though some of them have stayed

i wheeled around because i
didnt hear what you had said
i saw you dancin with Elihu
up on Leemor's bed
and i was foggy rather groggy
you helped me to my car
the bindin belts enclosin me
a sample in a jar

and the market stands unfolding
with all the willies and their wares
i shuffled by alert but numb
to all the glances and the glares
i think of you unheeding
all the times i raised my cup
its now i know that you knew that id soon end up end up

i wheeled around...

you tricked me like the others
and now i dont belong
the simple smiles and good times seem all wrong

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