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Soul Tattoo

Plus One

I just know that i've never felt like this
and i know it's because
you exist in my life
like hope shining bright
through the stormy skies

and that's why i could
never turn away from you
i'd be some kind of fool
to think i could lose your love
you know that's
something i can't do

'Cause your the answer
to the question
the reason to the rhyme
you're the rhythm to my heart
when it beats out of time
i'm so thankful, Lord
that you are mine
it's true that you
are my soul tattoo

Lord, you know
all that i want to do
is to spend my life loving you
it's your love time and again
that pulls me through
and i want to say thank you

(repeat chorus)

Etched on my soul
your love is so true
always in my heart
in your arms forever
stamped forever
here in my soul

(repeat chorus)

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