exibições 113

Fax machine - beauty queen
Cyberspace - microwave
movie star - racing car
Fighter plane - Toxic rain
Satellite - Neon Lights
TV shows - Rubber clothes
Magazines - Gazoline
Credit cards and Topless bars

Swimming pool - diet food
Mountain bike - Kung-fu fight
Roller Skates - Paper plates
Mobile phones - The Rolling Stones
Microchips and floppy discs
Megabytes - disco nights
Submarines and Sex machines

But all you need is love

A rock guitar - a candy bar
CD Rom - Atom bomb
Silverware - Teddy bear
Rocking chair - Rasta hair
Superman - Peter Pan
UFO - Radio
Excorsists - Paperclips
Bubble gum and laser guns

Jumbo jet - water bed
Internet - MR Ed
Lady strings and diamond rings
A table leg - Scrambled eggs
Vitamins and piercing pins
Record sleeves - Cans of beef
Pussycats and funky rats

But all you need is love

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