2 Whom It May Concern


Ha ha ha ha....
(Here we go) {repeated throughout song}

2 whomever it may concern
U must come 2 your senses
There are no kings on this earth, only princes
(My name is Prince and I am funky) {My Name Is Prince sample}

The New Power Generation just taking control
(Yeah, U sexy mutha...) {Sexy M.F. sample}
Introducing Mayte (Hello darling, so where're we gonna go?)
Tony M., Kirky J. and Damon D.
(I wanna be loved 2 the 9's, 2 the 9's) {Love 2 The 9's sample}
Sonny T., tell us where the party be
(The Max) Yes {The Max sample}
(The Max) Yes
Tommy Barbarella likes it in the dark but we like a (Blue light) {x2}
{Blue Light sample}
And she don't stop (Ahh)
(I got 7 hours baby, so what U wanna do?) (Ooh) {I Wanna Melt With U sample}
And she don't stop (Ahh ooh)

Levi, Michael B. and me
We get funky
(Continental) {x3} {The Continental sample}
Damn the DJ
(Damn U) {Damn U sample}
What's the name of this game?
(Pimp rag, Toostie Pop and a cane) Oww uh {Arrogance sample}
And she don't stop
(God created woman) {And God Created Woman sample}
Temptation sweet and so much
I'd surely die if my baby won't let me touch
Neither one of us shall ye touch
Don't touch that radio {x2}
Don't touch that...
All 7 and we'll watch them learn {7 sample}
And if U try 2 stop us we will burn (...{4e}ver!) {3 Chains O'Gold sample}
We will, we will burn (...ver!)
If U try 2 stop us we will burn (...v-v-ver!)
We will, we will burn (...ver!)

(What is sacrifice?) {x2} (Preach) {The Sacrifice Of Victor sample}
Hold your text deacon
(We sacrifice)
Hold your text deacon
(We sacrifice)
(We, we, we sacrifice)
(We sacrifice)
Can't nobody stop
If they step they drop
The funky new album entitled: O(+>
From Prince and the New Power Generation ({Vic}tor) (Ooh wee!)
On Paisley Park Warner Brothers CD and cassette
We out

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