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We Got The Power


Launch procedure commence

Listen now, the medley goes over the world
All the golden boys, all the golden girls
If U ain't feeling like U know U should
We got something 4 U that'll make U feel good

Hey, we got the power
Oh, we got the soul (Hey, soul)
Hey, we got 2 sho'nuff get off
And make your body go-go

We start our days (Start our days) with a 45 (Not a gun)
We play it loud, so they know we're alive
If U're good feeling ain't feeling good if it ain't better than real
Then wave your hand somebody go, feel what I feel, uh!


Doctor Fink, show em!
Woo! That's what I'm talkin' about!
(Hey, we got the power)

Everybody got something that they're lookin' 4
Maybe they should look out their back door
And will it show a percussion grand?
All the funky people make a noise if U ain't a man

Hey, we got the power
Oh, we got the soul

I got an angel 4 my drummer
U know she 2 hot, uh
Junior funkin' on the bottom, uh
Gimme whatcha got, uh

(Launch procedure commence)
(Countdown start 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1)
(Hey, we got the power)
Know-a-know-a-know-a-know a guitar like the back of my hand
Everybody in this community, U'll understand
(Hey, we got the power) Go!
Move freak!
(Hey, we got the power)
Boom! In the back of the head
Like a stepchild, runnin' wild, looking 4 a style
I know what U're thinkin' so U better keep smilin'
Everybody clean that vamp out, we're faded (No)
Know I'm now

CHORUS {fadeout}
(On my hairy leg, leg)

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