My Summertime Thang


Ladies and gentlemen!
Dude and dudettes!
It's time about, that all out, funk funk funky action!

She's bad ain't she?
She's so bad she good!
Want me 2 rap?
Yes! I'll be over here posing by the Porsche!

Good afternoon, darlin'
U must be helping out a friend
Because U are must 2 pretty 2 be working in here
What's up with that?
What's up with your buddy over there holding his stuff?
Does he have 2 use the bathroom?
No baby, he's posing... by the Porsche!
Cars don't impress me
That's Morris Day and he would like 2 eat U, I.. I mean meet U
Alright, go get him
Hey Morris, she wants 2 meet U, man

Oh Lawd!
Hello my dear
My name is Morris
Where'd U get that ass?
Same place U got your manners!
Jerome, where'd I get my manners?
Same place she got that ass
And where was that?
That's right baby, yo mama!
Now let's be nice, it's such a pretty day

Where are we going?
I'm taking U 2 my club
Your club?
Yeah, I rounded up some people and bought a club
Legal-like, U know?
And that's where we're going
I'll believe it when I see it

Morris, how long has it been? 6 hours?
(Chill nigga!)
What a lovely lady!
My God, the one last night...
She's so fat, she have 2 use a VCR 4 a beeper, no?
Hehe, U're fired
I'm fired? I'm fired! (That's right)
I quit!
They shouldn't have let U people in the country in the first place!
Let us in the country?!
Now what history book did U read, boy?
Jerome, hook this punk up 2 my Porsche!
The roller skates?
The roller skates!
No, not the roller skates!

I think I wanna go home!
The party's just startin', Stella!
But come sit down
Do U wanna see me dance?
Jerome, Body Language
Now do The Horse (Yeah)
Oak Tree! (Look out)
I like that, Oak Tree!
Get ready, Chili Sauce!
Fellas? (Yeah!)
Hit me and don'tcha lag
Tell me what dance 2 do - it start with an M (Murph Drag!)
Good God!
I ain't through yet, band!
Wawk! Hallelujah! Whoa! {sample from "The Bird"}

Wow, that was fun, will U take me out again?
Oh yeah, Stella, we can do this
U're the type of woman that could settle me down (Huh, yeah right)
Jerome (Yo)
Take her home, I have some unfinished business with one of my critics
Are we ready? (I do believe we are ready)
(Maybe, but not much)
Alright, now, what was that U were saying about my people?
Please Mr. Day, I never roller skated before in my life!
Well why put off till 2morrow what U can do 2night?
My summertime thang! {x2}
(Leave me alone)
My summertime thang

(Yeah!) I'm back!

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