(Come) {repeat in song}

This is the dawning of the new spiritual revolution

Come - U should do that, baby - no more will U cry
Come - The spirit's calling, here's the reason why
Come - If U had a chance 2 see the future, would U try?
Come - If U will, so will I

When I call U up, I wanna tell U what 2 wear
Don't be surprised if I tell U 2 go bare
Long as U wash between your soul and through your hair
The feelin' will be there


It don't mean U're wrecked cuz U kiss in a restaurant
It don't mean U're wrecked just cuz me tallywhacker suckin' is all U want
All it means is that the one that come before me never made U come


Come {x2}
U should do that, baby
Come {x2}

Sticks and stones will bug my phones and say that I mislead
I don't think so, maybe U should come with me
Maybe U should wrap your legs around my neck 4 awhile
And we'll see if I can make U smile

I'll do my very best 2 get U in the mood {x2}
Cry 4 little titty, wanna tell U just how U will ever come
The time hangs 4 me 2 get real

Ah ah! Do that, baby! {x7}
Do that!

Like a splendid, open-ended, celibate friend pretendin'
Not 2 know it when I blow it in your eyes
Like a strawberry, chocolate, fender jazz, mashed potato fuzztone
All over your thighs
That's the only come I know when I'm deep inside that... yeah!
That's the only time, the only time U go:
"Oh baby, U're so good" {x2}
Aw, shut up!
This is just so U...
Come {x2}
U should do that, baby

(Come) {repeat till end}
{segue into Endorphinmachine}

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