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Still Would Stand All Time


It's just around the corner
It's just around the block
This love that I've been waiting 4
A love solid as rock
A love that reaffirms that we r not alone
A love so bright inside u it glows
And night and day would work together
And all things would be fine
Still would stand all hate around us
Still would stand all time

Still would stand all time

It's not a thousand years away
It's not that far my brother
In the end we'll fight injustice
Instead of 1 another
It's not that far if we all say yes
And only try
Then Heaven on earth we will find

Still would stand all time

No one man will be ruler
There4 love must rule us all
Dishonesty and hurting each other
See and we will fall
Love can save us all

We're not alone, people
Tell me, can u c the light?
If u would just open ur eyes
So much u will know
So much u will show
Love, love
It's not that far away if we all say yes
And give it a try
(You've got 2 give it a try)
Still would stand all time
I said still....

So many times I thought I would not make it
Life was closing in and I knew
I just knew I couldn't take it
That's when Love opened His arms
And if u don't go inside
He still would stand all time
You better run 2 the Light
Leave ur past behind
All things will b fine
Love still would stand all time

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