Heads shall roll!! - the people had cried
for revenge for those that died.
That day most agreed
we were right to stand up and fight.
God willing we'd go get the villain,
green lights were given for killing.
Reminiscent of wars that passed,
new theaters, familiar cast

of big players - the most corrupt,
with big plans to fuck you up
and stay the course with no regrets.
Plant false opposition to hedge their bets

The big wheels are on display to wreak havoc.
Complete disarray of infrastructure stripped to the core
to win the hearts and the minds of the poor

Sinners and saints are the same,
all faceless and useless pawns in their game
of choice they're running the board with the goal
of taking all of us out of control

Heads Will Roll!!

Heads will roll!! - when weapons of mass
destruction are leaked by the press.
Same case is made by the brass,
so crass, insulting at best.
Who's next in the axis of evil
with no riots or state of upheaval.
Sad days, the public complacent.
Rise up, cause time is a wastin'!!

Fear reigns once again,
and who's to say when our men
will return from this godless endeavor,
if at all, so I guess now's better than never.

We let the press define the enemy
Same shit as the 60's and 70's
So may the power of Christ compel you
to shun the hoax and the lies that they tell you

Get up and voice your dissent!!
God help us all.
"We shall never relent", they told us.
But the rhetoric gets old, as does our leaders.
A sight to behold.

Heads Will Roll!!

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