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Saturday People


Hey ravers did you know that I was once where you are now
Flashback to subway ride a midnight escape to the underground
Calling all sweet dreamers of the world
No matter what they take from you, your dreams are just aSaturday away...

Saturday people, waiting around their whole lives for the weekendto come
Saturday people, sitting in portable classrooms a-twirling theirthumbs, ho hum
Maybe you've seen them, their heads hanging low on their deskstumble in on a Monday

Can't hardly believe them, sunglasses, ecstasy, vodka and tonicrecovery
But hang on, pretty soon it'll be Friday afternoon

We'll be running for cover from a world going nowhere
On a Saturday night
With no reason to be just to be somebody somewhere
On a Saturday night

Girls and boys...Saturday
Make some noise...Saturday
Girls and boys...Saturday
Pretty soon it'll be Monday morning

In my opinion, there's too many lives being wasted on missing thefun
Didn't or did ya, ambition eventually leads to executivebreakdown
Rave party sequel, hop on a bus magic trip to industrialbuilding
So hang on, it's been a long ride but ya know we'll be theresoon


Have you seen Natalie Indigo, we were supposed to meet threehours ago I know...oh no
Was she caught up in the corporate undertow, was she too tired toget up and go
Guess sooner or later everybody gives in
So sad when life takes your best Saturday friend away

Girls and boys
And life took you away
Make some noise


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