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Being Alive

Rachael Lampa

V1: I don't wanna wake up in a crowded room
No room to move
Clowns to the left of me
Jokers sniffing helium from balloons
Cuz they got nothin better to do
You know those days when you can't hear above the noise
And all your doubts deployed
It's getting late and you're getting bored
With the status you cling to


Ch: Being alive is breathin in and breathin out, oh
Being alive is knowin what you're gonna live for
It's knowing you got something you can't live without oh
Love love love love love love love

V2: Do you ever wake up and find that you're
The only one that's standing still
Just part of the drill- no big deal
Today is just another thing to get through
And as the day goes passing by
I run down the list of things I meant to try
I meant to fly
I just never got around to it

Ooooooh (Ch)

B: So say you will, so say you won't give in when love comes
And when it does you're asking where will it come from
You will live long enough to learn, long as you have some
Love love love love love love love

Ch x 2

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Composição: Pete Orta / Rachael Lampa / Gérard Jouannest. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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