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Working On Wood

Raised Fist

You came crashing into my life.
You pretend to work on a holy stripe only for whites and your
disciples. A bunch of fools breaking all the rules.
You are filled with hate and It must come out.
Your mouth is closed you don´t scream and shout.
Communication is not in sight. You want to settle this with anice fight.
I´m working on wood is that understood.
Trying to find anything in his childhood. I´m wasting my time
I´ll never get inside this fuckin´ thick skull.
To fight is your way of speaking. Well let me send you mygreetings.
Congratulations to the biggest fool. Dropping of school. Thinkyou´re so cool.
And maybe you´ll reach the stars. Freedom of speech has helpedyou to go far.
But i guess that fame will end up dead. And you´ll feel so lonelywith your shaved head.
You hate everything you need. Compassion, love, even the air youbreed.
If there was a god I´ll pray for you. You hate me, Thats ok,cause I hate you to.

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