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To Late To Change

Raised Fist

Too late to change -
we're always involved in problems that we can solve
without anyones help
although we're seeking shelters that won't bend for thepressure
whatever that might be
maybe you can stand up and tell how the story
that killed som many peoples can be real
I feel so disgusted
when I see the things I see
I never thought it was the nature of us human beings
and now i feel so strange
and locked up by chains
but it's never to late to change

to late
to change

with the same attitude that most of the people have
we're going nowhere
is that so fucking hard to understand or is it not
if not
then maybe
we can stop act like rabies dogs in a cage full of hatred andconfusion
but that's just an illusion
cause we can't change without feeling strange
cause to be mean is the only thing we're seen
and now we feel so confident when we're behind the backup
we have to realise or just to shut up

to late
to change

you are the one
who's threatting me with a knife
bit I'm the only one
to decide over my life
a game is a game
and you're playing it just to play
can't you realize that there is
no more to say

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