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I Like Repetitive Music


I like repetitive music,
Turn it up 'cos I know how to use it.
I like to hear the bass sound do the rebel rousing
Pop the damn multi on the s3000
That's the shit makes the room prone to over-crowding
Now bring the sound in - ooh! It's pounding!
'scuse me homies, could you please be my cronies
and score me a two-pack of soft yellow foamies
'cos I'm the type of guy that puts safety first
no safer muthafucka ever walked the earth
strapped in all wheel hugging dual bag inflation
safer than programmed amplitude modulation
feeling a strange sensation?
That's your brain son,
suffering from over-stimulation inflammation
By my reckoning you now have five seconds before lapsing into acoma
Tick this box to indicate you're a donor
Would it be too bold to say I told you to hold the last bar overand over and over?

I like repetitive music
Turn it up cos I know how to use it

I'm so fine I score 9.99 from Hollyfield in a Trump productioneven though I'm 200 of a kind
So inclined to liposuction it's sublime
Like Brittany's larynx at the age of nine.
Watch me try to justify my verbal diarrheaic diatribe
In a vain attempt to coincide with the beat
To which brains get tenderised
Lightly battered and deep fried on high
Once again son come get some beats
On the one loops on repeat done
Waveforms deformed, fantast, lyric gymnast
Bombast ecclesiast
Slap that ass hardcore
Make that shit red raw
Blow the disco, slam your head sore
Watch the sure cure beat the prevention
If you want more seek professional medical attention.

I like repetitive music…

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