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No Regrets

John Reuben

It's hard lookin back now able to see in
wishin' to God sometimes that I could do it all again
man strugglin' can start to take it's toll,
16 years old tryin' to change what you can't control
and it's not your fault but tell me what can you do
when things fall apart and everyone's at you
with two fingers pointed screamin' get it together
but who's in the mix to show me any better
so whatever I'm runnin' on my own solo
tryin' to make things happen off the little bit I know
and I guess I'll get what I get but yet
I don't want to live my life full of regrets

pre chorus:
to my future in the palm of God's hand/ to my past as of now
that I can't understand/ to my future uncertain unclear/ to the
past I left to bring me here

The earth rotates and my world keeps spinnin
feelin like I never started but it's all endin'
and I stand here lonely a million familiar faces
but yet no one truly knows me
so I'll try to move on and I'll try to know how
but the truth is I'm really just runnin from the now
I can't handle it I feel like the future's all I got
don't want to deal with the past
I choose memory block to stop how I feel don't want to be
real with it, run from reality in attempts to deal with it
but it's not workin' and I'm still hurtin,
it's not workin' and I'm still searchin'

no regrets no regrets but it's hard
no regrets no regrets I say
no regrets no regrets I stay in him in him

I'm tryin' to live right and pass on what I believe
yet it's hard to give when you can't receive
but I'm learnin' slowly n surely
and I'm secure enough to admit my insecruity
see I know something in me has got to change
God of creation I hear you callin' my name
offerin' peace n joy and freedom from shame
offerin' nothin' to lose but a life to gain

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