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Bill Venero

Marty Robbins

In an Arizona town one day
Bill Venero heard them say
That a band of Apache Indians
Were on the trail that way
Heard them tell of murder done
Three men killed at Rocky Run
"They're in danger at the cow ranch"
Said Venero under his breath!

Nearly forty miles away
Was a little place that lay
In a deep and shady valley
In the mighty wilderness
Half a score of homes were there
And in one a maiden fair
Held the heart of Bill Venero
Bill Venero's Little Bess.
So no wonder he grew pale
When he heard the cowboy's tale
Of the men that he'd seen murdered
There at Rocky Run
Sure as there's a God above
I will save the girl I love
By that love I hold for Bessie
I will see that somethin's done!

Not one minute he delayed
When this brave resolve was made
"But, man," his comrades told him
When they hears his daring plan
"You are riding straight to death!"
But he answered, "Save your breath,
I may never reach the cow ranch
But I'll do the best I can."
As he crossed the alkali
All his thoughts flew on ahead
To the little band at Cow Ranch
Thinking not a danger near
With his quirt's unceasing whirl
And the jingle of his spurs
Little Chapo bore the cowboy
O´er the far away frontier.

Sharp and dear a rifle shot
Woke the echoes of the spot
"I am wounded," cried Venero
As he swayed from side to side.
"While there's life there's always hope
Slowly onward I will lope
If we fail to reach the Cow Ranch
Bessie Lee will know I tried."

Then at dusk a horse of brown
Wet with sweat came panting down
The little lane at Cow Ranch
Stopped in front of Bessie's door.
But the cowboy was asleep
And his slumber was so deep
Little Bess could never wake him
Though she tried forever more.

You have heard this story told
By the young and by the old
How the Indians killed Venero
On his way to Rocky Run.
Many years have passed away
And the maiden's hair is gray
But still she places roses
On Bill Venero's grave.

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