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When The Work's All Done This Fall

Marty Robbins

A group of jolly cowboys discussing plans at ease
Said one, I'll tell you somethin' boys if you will listen,please
I'm an old cow puncher, and here, I'm dressed in rags
I used to be a tough one and go on great big jags

I have got a home, boys, a good one you all know
Although I haven't seen it since long, long ago
I'm goin' back to Dixie once more to see them all
I'm goin' home to Mother when the work's all done this fall

That night this very cowboy went out to stand his guard
The night was dark and stormy, was rainin' very hard
The cattle they got frightened and they rushed in wild stampede
The cowboy tried to turn them while ridin' at full speed

Ridin' in the darkness, loudly he did shout
Tryin' his best to stop them or turn the herd about
His saddle horse did stumble and upon him it did fall
Poor boy won't see his Mother when the work's all done thisfall

Fred, you take my saddle, Jim, you take my bed
Johnny, take my pistol after I am dead
Think about me kindly as you look upon them all
I'll not see my Mother when the work's all done this fall

They buried Charlie at daybreak no tombstone at his head
Nothin' but a little board and this is what it said
Charlie died at daybreak, he died from a fall
Poor boy won't see his Mother when the work's all done thisfall

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