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Tomorrow You'll Be Gone

Marty Robbins

What can I do, when they ask me about you
When they ask me if our love has died away
I wish that I could them, you'll be gone a little while
And not that you have gone away to stay

I wish that I could them that I never cared for you
That love was never meant for such as I
But in the mornin' you'll be gone, and I'll be left alone
With mem'ries of a love that passed me by

If you're ever feeling blue and you want me back again
I'll be waiting here and hope my waiting's not in vain
How I wish that I could keep you with me from now on
But it's too late, tomorrow you'll be gone

Tomorrow you'll be leavin', and I'll stand and watch you go
In life and love you'll make another start
A million tears may flood my soul, but not one will you see
The tears that fall will be within my heart

If the castles that you build should ever lean and fall
I'll be waiting here for you, to answer when you call
How I wish that you were mine to treasure from now on
But it's too late, tomorrow you'll be gone

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