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The Sad Lover

Marty Robbins

Oh I'm sad and I'm lonely for my darlin'
And I weep like I never did before
For she's far away from me and I'm dreary as can be
For I'll never see my darlin' anymore

Oh, I'd meet her each evenin' in the moonlight
And we'd wander together by the shore
Soon she gave her word to me that my blushing bride she'd be
But I'll never see my darlin' anymore

For we'd quarreled before we reached the altar
It was fate brought a stranger to her door
With his fancy ways and grace in her heart he took my place
And I'll never see my darlin' anymore

Oh the postman brought a letter just this mornin'
It was sent from a distant, foreign shore
Was a letter edged in black and it said alas, alas
You will never see your darlin' anymore

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