Your Heart's Turn To Break

Marty Robbins

You made her what she is today
And that was your mistake
Your wrong is commin' home to you
It's your heart's turn to break
You didn't want her like she was
You tried to change her life
She'd do most anything for you
Because she was your wife

And now you waken from your sleep
To face a cold gray dawn
You lay there all alone and weep
Her love for you is gone
You cheated when you tried to play
The game of give and take
Now all your tears are souvineers
It's your heart's turn to break

You didn't try to understand
When she was feelin' blue
Your every wish was her command
She lived her life for you
You'd like to have her back again
Just for old time's sake
Your love is lost now pay the cost
It's your heart's turn to break

Remember all those solem vows
That you could never keep
They echoed through your mind all day
They haunt you in your sleep
You didn't stop to realize
How much you had at stake
So bear the shame and take the blame
It's your heart's turn to break

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