Capital! Just one city in every state
Where the Governor and the legislators stay up late,
Got the name, got the fame, the political weight!
Hey!!! Capital!

Providence, Topeka, Santa Fe, Indianapolis, Annapolis, St. Paul, Jefferson
City, Honolulu, Baton Rouge, Harrisburg, Columbia, Augusta, Phoenix, Salt
Lake City, Salem, Madison, Cheyenne, I'm thinkin' Lincoln!

Capital! Just one city in every state
Where the shiny politicians contemplate our fate,
Taking aim, making claims in the friendly debate Hey! Capital!

Bismarck Boise Springfield Frankfort Richmond Columbus Charleston Helena
Capital Lansing Hartford Montgomery.

Just one city in every state
Turn the political machine on, watch it percolate,
Lotsa Honest Abes kissing babes making each state great!

Capital! Just one city... Capital!
(Oh no! Oh no! Pierre! Pierre! We forgot Pierre

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