(I got the right-you got that right)

There comes a time in every life
When you gotta live your life
with all your might
It ain't about "follow the rules"
Every boy and girl was born
with the right to choose

Take your place in the sun
And the war will be won
Hey baby we're on our way
All God's children are free
All God's children are free
(hey hey hey)

Free to be what you want
Free to love who you need
you got the right to be free
So come on let your love light
shine, shine
Come out
and let your love light shine
(yeah yeah yeah)

I had to stand, stand up and fight
And let the light of love guide me
through the dark of night
I paid the price, I paid my dues
So now I'm going 'round the world
to spread the news

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