I returned to my old hometown one day
It was years ago I'd gone away
The girls to use to care
Had things to do elsewhere

I felt a stranger there
I've been away too long

It was much too late for me
To walk in memory
And lonely as could be
I looked around

Jane had wed her school friend Johnny Brown
Pat had wed the tailor of the town
The lovely Marie-Claire
Had wed her millionaire

And no one seemed to care
I've been away too long

I'd been away too long
To hang around was wrong
And so I went alone
To fine the boys

Tom has got a family of three
Jim had gone away to gay Paris
And Joe once full of life
Now runs home to his wife
And so I drunk alone
To yesterday

And as the sun went down
I left my own hometown
I left my old hometown
I've been away too long

I've been away too long
I've been away too long

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