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Saves The Day

So now I've made the decision to walk behind you
In the dark, for the rest of my life
And I'll never show my face again
Because it's too scarred and bloody to be enough
And I don't have the right stuff
All I have are empty boxes to carry away your heart
And I think that tonight
I will sneak into your house
And I'll sing songs to wake you up
And I'll take you blindfolded, dancing onto bridges
And you'll say you don't want to be with me
No one ever does
And no one ever thinks of me that way
But I will even drive you home
If you never let me forget about you
And if you promise me that I'm good enough for someone
'Cause I've got to be good enough for you
And someday soon I'll get it right
And then you'll see just how good I can be
So don't ask me about forever because
Right now I'm feeling lost
But there's got to be some place for me because
If there isn't, where will I go?
Will there be some place for me
And will you be there waiting for me?
If and when we get there, please catch me
Before I crawl all the way home
But I won't stop until you do

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