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I Wrote Holden Caulfield

Screeching Weasel

i loved you for the minute when you decided to tell me the truth i heard you and that night i cried for you i know that you're alone just like everyone else in the world don't tell me that things don't get better 'cause sometimes they do sometimes they do and i know they will for you the days are getting shorter and you're forgetting the things you just said i'm hoping that you'll move ahead i wonder if you'll ever come to realize what i always knew i wrote holden caulfield and so did you i wanna know if you wanna wake up i wanna know when you'll stop dying for what you've done stop crying for what you've done it's only the past it's only life what hae you done that's so bad it's only life so don't waste time why don't you stop crying for what's done for what is done

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