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if you need a place to stay welcome to the punk house it's a party every day living in a punk house stay awhile and sit and smoke a cigarette la la la la thers's always something happening here when you're in a punk house cheap food and even cheaper beer are always in a punk house jump up and down, dance on the couch stuff a potato in your mouth la la la life goes by way too fast to spend it working for somebody else it don't make any sense if you like it here why don't you stay don't wanna work? well that's o.k. cause no-one else here wants to get a real job come on down, hang out with us hang out at a punk house don't mind all the filth and grime and muck cause it's just a punk house spaghetti stains on the walls and creepy insects in the halls we'll have a ball young and dirt poor and having fun and we're never growing up

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