Wish you'd stayed the night last night
Woke up wanting to hold you tight
Always want but just can be, you're all that I see
And you take my breath away, never thought id feel this way
But there's nothing left to say, I'll have to wait another day.

Chorus: Had a vision: Unintended. Left thoughts running throughmy head.
Fairy tales that never end and hearing words I thought yousaid.

You smiled when I brought you here,
Whispered sweet nothings in my ear.
And what was it that you said when you slipped into my bed?
Never told me why you came,
Was I just another game?
Thing's won't ever be the same,
I'll never love again.

Chorus 2x
Hearing words I thought you sid
words i thought you said
thought you said
thougth you said
thought you said
You said.

Left thougths running.

chrous 2x

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