Let me tell you 'bout a boy
He loved to say his alphabet
He loved to say it all day long
Until the sun began to set
He'd stand right up and say it proud
Say it soft and say it loud
And when the moon had come and gone
While he waited for the dawn
You'd hear 'im say... (What would he say?)
He'd say

The alphabet was what he loved to say
Wanna hear another story?

Let me tell you about a girl
So beautiful and smart
She loved to play and loved to sing
And here's the real important part
She loved to sing her alphabet the best
She'd go for hours without a rest
(put herself to the test)
Sayin' letters one by one till the alphabet was done
Her special way. She'd say....

The alphabet was what she loved to say
Let's sing it again

The alphabet is what we love to say!!!!
Oh right!

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