Winds Of War

Seventh Key

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You can see it in the faces of people everywhere
Fear, desperation and pain
The curse of ancient enemies
passed from father to son
With the blood of hatred runnin' through their veins
Look into the eyes of shattered souls,
lives destroyed by war
Images are burned into your brain

Oh the peace that we crave and the question we raise
The answers will stay hidden by the winds of war

Give praise to the father
Singin' "Hail to the Chief"
Young warriors marching to meet their destiny
You know that some will die
but who will cry for the children

Over land and water
Hell rains down from the sky
Brave sons and daughters
but fate decides who'll live or die
We try to justify,
but who will cry for the children, yeah

Raise you head to the heavens and you pray
Make the images of war go away
Oh the solace we need
for the hearts that still bleed
Is hidden in the winds of war
If the answer is there for peace everywhere
It's hidden in the winds of war

The winds of war
Hidden by the winds of war
The winds of war

In the name of God above look what we've done
In our lust for enemy blood,
we've blown it all to kingdom come
A holy sacrifice,
but no one cries for the children


Winds of war (repeat)