Almighty God, the great I Am
Immovable rock, omnipotent, powerful, awesome lord
Victorious warrior commanding kind of kings, mighty conqueror

And the only time, the only time I ever saw Him run
Is when He ran to me, took me in his arms
Held my head to his chest, said my son's come home again
Looked at my face, wiped the tears from my eyes
With forgiveness in his voice he said son, do you know I stilllove you
It caught me by surprise, brought me to my knees
When God ran

The day I left home, I knew I had broken his heart
I wondered then if things could ever be the same
Then one night, I remembered his love for me
And down that dusty road ahead I could see


I saw Him run to me
It caught me by surprise
Brought me to my knees
When God ran

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