"What have we here then?
That girls got shorter hair than her boyfriend
What is it with the kids these days?"
And the way his head goes straight into his back
It almost gave me a heart attack
I could tell he was an animal

So lets hear it for the salt of the earth
I guess your narrow sight
Has seen you right since birth
C'mon, raise your glass, lets have some noise
Release your hate boys

Oh, work is over, it's time to cut loose
The night's alive, the night's alive
Time to pay your dues to your misplaced frustrations
Got a rant from a prat
Sitting there chewing his fat
He made it clear I wasn't his mate
Didn't concern me at all

The night's alive, the night's alive
The night's alive, yeah right
I can't believe the bother you're giving me

What have we here then
Some red-ned pissing his hard earned money
Down his throat
Just to let off some steam built from a hard weeks work
Like the weekend and the weekend before
With an excuse to shout out to the world

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Composição: Johnny Toogood / Shihad. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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