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Shrek's Karaoke Dance Party


Hi everybody! And welcome to the Shrek and then swamp karaoke
dance party!! I'm gonna take things down a little bit with one of my
personal favorites
Don't go changing, to try and please me, you've never let me down

I made it through the wilderness! You know I made it through, I didn't
know who I lost I was until I found you

Yeah! I like big butts and i can not lie, you other brothers can't deny,
when a girl walks in with a itty bitty waste and a round thing in your
face you get


It's fun to stay at the Y M C A..It's fun to stay at the Y M C A

Do you really want to hurt me..Do you really want to make me cry
oh oh oh oh
Staying alive Staying alive
ha ha ha ha

Who let the dogs out, who who who who, who let the dogs out, who
who who who who

Yeah who I said get up and dance to the music
boom boom boom boom boom boom
Everybody now
Dance to the music
Oh yeah..dance to the music
he he
All we need is a drummer
for people who only need a beat yeahhhh
Break it down Brain girl
Falonuis my man
I'm gonna ask the bottom
So that the dancers just won't hide
You might like to hear my organ
I said a ride sally ride
I can't see this loving nobody like you for all my life
Dance to the music
Shrek you ain't dancing
Dance to the music
Dance to the music
Oh thats how I like it
Dance to the music
Dance to the music
Dance to the music
Dance to the music
Pinoccio you wanna watch that nose man
yo yo yo

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