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Promised Land

Silent Force

I have but, only one thing to say
Not in the place that i wish to stay
I knew from the time that i seen her face
Nothing was said as i felt her embrace
Ripped apart piece by piece away
Emotion will hide what i want to say
Taste the passion, choking in my throat
With all the motion she has provoked

Take my hand,
Lead me into the promised land
It's in her voice
Letting myself become free
Take my hand
Lead me into the promised land
From her voice, lets me become free

The dazzling effect she has in her eyes
Fulfilling my strength, this is when i could die
This is the time; she's taking me now
Feeling inside i have earned this somehow

Smile upon my face again
Lifts this weight, rids my disgrace
Why has this taken so long?
Now is my time, i'm going home

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Composição: Alex Beyrodt / D.C. Cooper. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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