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The Spring In Springfield

Os Simpsons

We're the sauce in your steak
the cheese in your cake
yes we put the SPRING in Springfield

We're the lace on your nightgown
your point after touchdown
yes we put the SPRING in Springfield

We're that little extra spice that makes existence extra nice
a giddy little thrill at a reasonable price

Our only major quarrel 's with your total lack of morals

Our skimpy costumes ain't so bad
They seem to entertain your dad

We're the gin in your martini
the clams on your linguini
yes we put the SPRING in Springfield

We remember our first visit
The service was exquisite
Why Joseph I had no idea
Oh come now you were working here
Without we'd na had such fun
since march of 1961
To close this place now would be twisted
We just learned this place existed

We the highlights in your hairdo
the extra arms on vishnu
So don't take the (slide whistle)
We won't take the (boing)
So let's keep the (crash) in Springfield

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