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exibições de letras 213

Two Way Street

Slick Rick

Well I shot some deer, then I caught some bear
And did a show up in west mother fuck somewhere
due to raps wide ratio, satelites tomato
hillbilly dust flew on stage like tomatoes
apparently more mack than i thought
unfortunelty wife be's back in New York
and i'm starvin, being human and open
Mad fine hillbilly woman was scopin Rick
Thought entered how deline and bented
though i'm not gonna lie i was extremely tempted
(To what Rick?)
To discharging a sister, next thing in the dressing room
("Pardon me mister")
"Yes" i said cautuously
("Crazy but possibly you could sign your name on the back ofthese dazy duke shorts for me?")
Tried to resist girlfriend now starting it
"My pen won't write", ("You can press down hard on it")
Now my hand browsing the south, run around bout to shove mytongue in her mouth when RING
Loosen the grip my held had,my girl she was talking so nice ifelt bad
Being untrue no telling what it might do to her
" I Love you" I'm supposed to say I Love you back too to her.
And he thought that getting pussy was doomed
("You gotta wife?") "Anniversary commin up soon too"
Got off the phone, copped the scot mute
"Don't get me wrong, it's not like you're not cute" (uh huh)
I'm all from the street and i be wanting to skeet ( I understandgood-bye it was real nice meeting ya)
What an angel over coming his wrongness, all i am trying to getacross in this song is

Chorus: (repeat 2x)
If goodness is what you're feeling your soul with
I wanna find a woman you can chill and grow old with
Keeps no secrets, like who they creep with
Realize early it's a two way street kids

Casually seating with some thick cords eating with my albumplaying at a big board meetin
(I love this!) Being the coolest and the roughest
A big willy woman pulls the rula in her office
I fixed the wedge in her garment unsteady but heartrate
cause her office looked like a three bedroom apartment
Poundon was inedible, she said to me (Rick i think your album isincredible!)
The weight upon her pun eye, comin on the sun I,
(Rick i think you're so darn sexy with that patch over your oneeye)
I'm glad you think it's boomin and i catch ya, it means alot tome coming from a woman of your stata
I mean who could resist a darn hat, start caressing Rick'sprivate, kiss me on the neck
And i can't be held accountable, down her gownable, girlfriendpussy looks plump and poundable
she sweats to be everefoah, put one of your legs up on the desk,and let me enter ya
Fantastic girl I start to act drastic, when i see my wedding bandon the bitch left ass cheek
Deep down she felt that i tried to diss. i'm like
i can't do this as much as i'd like to miss
what an angel over commin his wrong kids, all i am trying to getacross in this song is


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