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Until Next Time


As I sit here all alone and wonder why now once again
All the others weren't enough you had to take another friend
Now once again too soon I search for words that just aren'tthere
I give to you my feelings in a song and with a tear
Somehow close yet still so far
I hold you deep in my heart
I hope and pray these words you'll hear
That you're at peace and free from fear
The question asked full in my rage how could you make this end
Just seems so wrong that in his prime you'd go and take myfriend
If goodness comes from tragedy then let this be the case
So only thoughts of joy are thought each time we see your face

Why did you go I have to know
I hope it's not in vain
Cause there has to be a reason
Or some goodness in my pain
Passion churning sensess blured
All the things you taught we learned
Some things in life we'll never know
Like how much time we've left to go

Never fair or justified
Sad alone I sat and cried
Of all the questions we must ask
Not when, where, who, but why so fast?
Now looking back I see the day our eyes they first did meet
An alligator shirt some jeans and docks upon his feet
With outstretched arms we said hello his face a welcome grin
You wanna go and spark a bowl nice to meet you my name's Lynn
A battle forces on but it just don't seem the same
Cause I'm gonna win this battle and I'll do it in your name
I say goodbye to you my friend I bid a fond farewell
At least you're up in heaven now not stuck here in this hell

On with the show we have to go
My thoughts they have been spoken
You touched our lives gave others hope and now our hearts arebroken
Of all that come and all that go there's few that have thespark
The truth the joy the energy to truly touch our hearts
Of whom I speak I sing these words and give the final hymn
I say it loud with love and pride and shout

Then someone looked up to the sky look there's Lynn he said
And off you flew Dobbs by your side I knew then you weren'tdead
You just changed shapes free as a bird to soar the sky's above
And so we turned and waved goodbye as sadness turned to love

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