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Sonic Youth

There's something shifting in the distance
Don't know what it is
Day's as dead as nights
Except for the feeling that's
Crawling up inside of me as you
Sing your song as you
Swing along and you're
It's your, your song

It's the devil in me
Makes me stare at you as you
Twist up along you
Sing your song and you
Slipping up to me and you're
So close I just a
Wanna touch you and I
Sing your song and you
Don't know what's going on but you
Wanna me to come along as you
Sing your song and you're
Fucking with me as you
Slither up to me
Your lips there
Slipping twisting at my
Insides and singing on
You're just a
Swinging man, it's not your
Swinging song and now I
Don't know what you want but
You're looking at me and you're
Falling to the ground and you're
Twisting around fucking with my
My mind and I don't know what
'S going on

Swinging in your song
Twisting me on as you
Slither up to me and it's gotta be
And I don't know what you wanna do
And you're looking at me with your big dark eyes
And you're rubbing your body

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