I take my refuge in the palm of Your hand
I take my comfort in Your perfect plan
I take my sorrow and lay it down at Your feet
I take my refuge where I can be free

In You, Oh Lord
In You, my God
When there's no where to turn
And there's nothing that's true
I find my peace here in You

I take my shelter in the shade of Your wings
I take my pleasure in the hope that You bring
I take my weakness to the foot of the cross
I take my refuge where I can get lost

I worship You, Lord
For all that You are
I stretch out my faith
And lay down my heart
There's no where else
That I'd rather be
Than where there's more You, Lord
And where there's less me

I will worship You with all my heart, my soul
I will worship You with all my mind, my strength.

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Composição: Jason Halbert / Jeff Deyo / Otto Price. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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