I was pacing every room with no where to turn
wondering if some things should ever be learned
I never thought that things would end up like this
when the initial intentions led only to bliss

Then I called the only friend that I could trust
asked him for a little time
my father answered the line and without asking much
he listened and then spoke his mind. He said:

Hay cosas en la vida, that will swallow your pride
Hay cosas en la vida that might deceive your mind
Hay cosas en la vida that will try to break your heart
Hay cosas en la vida, from them you must part

For endless hours he heard me go on
about how everything started to go wrong
it´s ironic how my whole life Ive been
chasing after some romantic dream

Often jealously takes on a good disguise
and changes someone before your eyes
Baby, dont look back and dont drown in reget
Your life can quickly pass you by

Sometimes things are not quite what they seem to be
sometimes answers hit harder than steel
sometimes trust is more precious than diamonds
and all that glitters is not always real

I sent him all my love as I hung up the phone
sitting in the silence I didnt feel so alone
its always those who love you that stand by your side
when all the others just leave the pieces behind

That morning after felt like two bottles of gin
I still cant remember where Ive been
Ill cleanse my soul of all this false love Ive known
and make my fathers words my own.

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