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Soul Asylum

Nail myself way up high and I'm gonna die for you
The mother offers up the child to the preaching of channel two

The empires rise and the babies cry, when is the lesson to be learned
And all I hear is the commercials and now the crosses are gonna burn

Now I ain't gonna be the cure to wash away your sins
Why so the children have to pay for the poor planning that you did

No matter how loud you scream and cry you're gonna be sentenced to suffer
You married your life and you married you wife and now you're gonna have to
learn to love her
But can you love her?

I like to watch religious TV, what you get is not what you see. Religiovision

Save me my dear goddamned Lord, won't you please take me hand
Lead me to your sweet salvation in McDonald's land

I was born a wild beautiful baby but you tried to tell me what to be
Can you love your children knowing you must set them free

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