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Angel Girl

Soulja Boy

Soulja boy tell em... Hey baby!
Whew! (Whew!)... Yea (Yea)
I like dis 1 rite here mannn... Whew(Whew)
Yea(Yea) Yea(Yea)

[Verse 1:]
U can b my angel girl
Dnt b a stranger girl
I wanna thank ya girl
U da finest thang n dis world
U so sexy girl I like ya sexy curls
She lyk my sexy smile I've been here 4 a while
I've been waitin on u jus 2 take u out
I'm tryna take u dwn jus lyk Chris Brown
Quit playin baby girl I'm gettin impatient now
My patience runnin out I dnt wanna wait
N if I can't give I dnt wanna take
I jus want relationship with u bay
N we can kick push jus lyk Lupe
Jus tell me wat yo plans gon b tuesday
N I ain't tryna cum at u lyk no groupie
We can jus chill or hit da movies
Have time to relax wat u thank

[Verse 2:]
U do u n I'm a do me girl or we cud switch it up n let u do me girl
She got lo-self esteem she wanna get surgery
I luv ha n e way but I dnt think she heard me
I let ha wear my hi-skool football jersey
N told all ha gurlfriends dey ait worthy
Ha friends hatin on ha but dey 2 thirsty
Dey can hate all day but dey can't hurt me
Naw dey can't hurt me dog I'm jus flirtin dog
It's 4 certain dog I'm an expertin dog
3 of us singin jus lyk jonas
Let's go 2 dinna I get da roses
She lyk me I suppose
She stay lukin gud with da fancy clothes
I'm diggin dis chick n errybody knows
I gave ha a kiss rite above da nose

Baby jus call me baby
Wateva on ya mind... Hit me up
Whew! Whew Soulja Boy Tell Em