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Ocean Gang Splash

Soulja Boy

[Verse 1]
Ocean gang bitch, crank up the volume
Yo bitch on my dick, she suck me like a vacuum
What the fuck you talking bout
Brand new ice soon
Fuck what they talking bout, bitch I'm a tycoon
Swag everyday, but I don't do this often
Hoes on my dick, I came out the water like a dolphin
Niggas getting mad, they some hasbeens
Took your bitch to the movie, she hot like a Jacuzzi
Word around town Soulja Boy got the potion
Bitch I close my eyes, but my third eye is open
Everyday I'm smoking, you would think I was Jesus
They want to see me on the cross
I ball everyday like a fucking boss
Ocean gang

Splash on your bitch (3x)
Nigga ocean gang, ocean gang
Splash on your bitch (3x)
Nigga ocean gang, ocean gang
Splash (14x)
Ocean gang, ocean gang

[Verse 2]
Fuck what you talking bout, I'm getting money on iTunes
I'm outer space swagging, little nigga call me Neptune
Swag on my dick, and I'm turning up the panturn
Niggas getting mad, I'm like the third ring on Saturn
Causing up disaster, it's tragic when I swerve hard
I pull up in that new jet, yo bitch just gave me new neck
Niggas getting mad because I make it look so easy
Niggas cannot see me, I call them little stevies
Riding thru my trap, and I see niggas wanna be me
I post up on the TV screen, BET and MTV
Where should the story begin, my whole life on CNN
I swagged up, yeah times 10
I sip lean, nigga fuck Ginn


[Verse 3]
Niggas keep rapping, but I don't feel them
If you looking for me bitch, I am in the middle
Pulling up a (?), call that shit a skittle
20 ounces on me, and I'm bout to do it big bitch
Lil Dre I swagged up, little niggas feel him
Any nigga on a (?), I fuck around and kill him
You bitch nigga need tissues, I dismiss you
Swag swag like (?), freestyle like (?)
God damn it's Lil Dre, my chain cost 300k